Entry closing date is Friday, May, 4th , 2018


1.Download the entry form from here.

2.Read notes on the "Outline" sheet, then fill the "Enter" sheet.

3.Make sure that all data on "Enter" sheet is correctly reflected on the "Check" sheet.

4.Send an e-mail with the entry form attached to 40th_entry@comp.olk.jp

We will send you back a confirmation with e-mail that we correctly received your entry form in few days.

In case you do not receive the confirmation, please let us know by Email or here.

Please COMPLETE the procedure and PAYMENT before closing date.



You can use PayPal for payment.

After we receive the form, we will send you back an invoice.

For further information, please access here


This payment can be made by international bank transfer to the following bank account. To cover bank charges, please add 4000yen on each transfer.

In case any additional charge occurs, we would pass on the charges to the participant on arrival.

Remittances in either USD or EUR can be made from overseas banks, via a designated intermediary bank.

The information on the Bulletin is required to make a remittance form an overseas bank to Japan Post Bank integrated account or giro account.

Please note that if there are any mistakes or omissions, the remittance may not reach us. In addition, if the money remitted is returned to the sending bank, other charges and expenses may be deducted by the intermediary bank.

Please note that remittances to Japan cannot be made from certain financial institutions. For details, please ask your local bank.

For further information, please access here

Bank transfer

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